We are excited to announce a load of new content changes on DesertMC. There are many things that have changed, so we highly recommend you read through the whole blog post so you are up to date on all the new changes. Let's jump straight in!

Don't forget, as a celebration for us surpassing the 100% Monthly Goal on the store, all Shiny & Legendary spawns have been DOUBLED for the weekend! Log on, you don't want to miss out! (And check out the bottom of the blogpost, 😉)

Player Shops and Shop Changes

We've made many changes to /shop, as well as added a completely new feature, which is Player Shops! Player Shops allow players to create their own shops and sell their items in a customizable way.

To access the Player Shops Menu, type /pshop or /playershop

You can browse specific shops by players, items, and categories as well as search specific items and shops using keywords.

Every player will be able to have 1 page of lots (45 different items). You can list items by holding an item in your hand, and using the command /pshop sell <quantity of item> <price>. You can also name your shop to whatever you'd like, just like in the example below:

Shop Changes

Many suggestions have been made about certain changes that you all want for /shop. We've reviewed all suggestions that have been made, and have made a lot of changes. These include price increases/decreases, new additions to the shop, and more.

  • Sell to Shop Keepers prices have been increased to $500+
  • All mineral sell prices have been increased
  • Leaves have been added to the shop, and all leaves now sell for $3
  • Hidden Power has been added to Normal TMs
  • Slimeballs have been added to the shop
  • The Safari Ball has been added to the shop
  • Z-Crystals, Plates, and Memories have been added to the Held Items subsection
  • Gems have been moved to the Held Items subsection
  • The Food category replaces the Fishing category
  • The Mod Drop category replaces the Dyes category
  • The Fossils category replaces the Gems category
  • The following items have been added to the Held Item section: Bright Powder, Laggin Tail, Metal Powder, Protective Pads, Room Service, Leek, Light Ball, Fairy Wand, Silver Powder, and Light Clay
  • Golden Hourglass price in /voteshop has been fixed
  • Various different item & price changes that cannot all be listed here

We hope you are all pleased with these new additions to the shop and encourage you to make a suggestion in our Discord in case we may have missed something.

Store Updates

We have made a few adjustments to some items in the store, as well as a new Shiny Party!

If you purchase the Shiny Party, everyone that is online on the server will receive a random Shiny Pixelmon! We wanted to add something where one person could get something for everyone, and this is what we came up with!

We have also made a few changes to some items currently in the store:

  • Origin Crate chances are now exactly the same across all rewards
  • All Money Pouch prices have been slightly decreased

We have also enabled a 10% sale for the week to celebrate the update.

The Addition of Helper

As some of you may have already noticed, we implemented a new role called Helper. We've made this role a community-focused position, that is there to help out and be a face to new & current players. Helpers will be there to help answer any questions you may have, and be a friendly face you can always go to. If you want to become a Helper, you can always apply for the position in our Discord by creating an application in #create-ticket (discord.gg/desertmc)

We have also made some slight adjustments to the role colors and appearance in our Discord!


We've updated Pixelmon to the new 8.3.8 version. You can see all the changes in this release at https://reforged.gg/

As stated previously, for this weekend, Shiny & Legendary Spawn Rates have been DOUBLED as a celebration of hitting 100% on the Monthly Goal! We have also said that if the Monthly Goal hits 200%, we will have Shiny & Legendary Spawn Rates doubled for a whole week!

In case you forgot, here's a reminder that on Sunday (27th) at 4 PM EST (9 PM UTC, 1 PM PST) we are having our National Dex Doubles Tournament! For more information regarding the tournament, please check out the #tournaments channel in our Discord.  

This weekend, if we hit 50 players, we will host a Shiny All. If we hit 60 players online, we will host an Alpha Key All. However, if we hit 75 players online we will host an Omega Key All!

To celebrate this update, we are having a 10% sale on our store that will last for 1 week.

First come first serve, whoever uses this code first gets 10% OFF ON THEIR PURCHASE! One time use, CODE: SHOPUPDATE10

Thank you all for continuing to support us and choosing to play here at DesertMC. We could not be more thankful.

IP: play.desertmc.net
Store: https://store.desertmc.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/desertmc
Website: https://www.desertmc.net/  
Modpack: http://modpack.desertmc.net/