Hello everyone! Over the past few weeks, we have been receiving and listening to your feedback and suggestions on various different things. In this blog, we will go over all the various changes and additions that have been done to the server over these past few days.  

We have dramatically changed crates, and there are now changes in every single one, including the Hunt and Vote crates.

Let's jump right into the changes! (HINT: There is a free code up for grabs at the end of the blog post... first come first serve!)

Hunt, Vote, & Galarian Bird changes

In /hunt, there are now 2 Easy Hunts, 2 Harder Hunts, and 2 Legendary Hunts.


Furthermore, in the Hunt Crate, rewards have been adjusted.

  • The Rare Items Crate has now been added
  • Claim block numbers have been removed, and are now replaced with a Small & Medium Claimblock Pouch.

In the Vote Crate, rewards have also been slightly adjusted.

  • A Temporarily Commands Crate has been added
  • Claim Block Rewards have been replaced for a Small Claim Blocks Pouch

Galarian Birds

Galarian birds now have a 1/5 chance to spawn when using the bird shrines that can be located at spawn!

New Items & Pouches

Various new item rewards have been added to the server. Some of these can be found in the Hunt and Vote crates, while the majority are in the new crates update that will be explained later in the blog. These items are:

  • Tags Crate
  • Rare Items Crate
  • Temporary Commands Crate (only found in crates)
  • Permanent Commands Crate (found in our store)

For the temporary & permanent commands crate, if you win a command that you already have, you can sell it on the GTS or give it to a friend for free!

  • Claim Block Pouches to replace regular Claim Block rewards

Alpha, Sigma, & Omega Rework

We have listened to your feedback and have greatly changed the 3 main crates of the server. We have balanced them, as well as incorporated new prizes. Here are some of the changes we have made:

  • All item chances are now equal in Alpha, Sigma, & Omega Crates, due to the addition of new rewards, while keeping it balanced.  (For example, in the Omega Crate, all the items are the same percentage now, meaning you have the same chance at a Shiny Legendary as you do a Large Money Pouch.)
  • The Shiny Pokemon reward is now exclusive to the Alpha Crate, where you can win either x1 or x3.
  • Regular Legendary and Ultra Beast Pokemon are now limited to the Sigma Crate.
  • Shiny Legendary and Shiny Ultra Beast Pokemon are exclusive to the Omega Crate.
  • The Rare Items Crate, Tags Crate, Temporarily Items Crate, & the Claims Block Pouch are now prizes in all 3 of these crates.

You can preview all the crates in-game, at /warp crates

The New Partner Crate

We are releasing a new crate called the Partner Crate that gives players the ability to win special partner-related prizes while supporting the creators at the same time!

What does this mean? This means that for every purchased Partner Crate using the partner's code, a percentage of that sale will directly to the partner themselves. You also receive a 10% discount on the crate if you use a partner's code.  


Currently, the Partner Crate has special rewards for our one and only partner o0Try0o!

While you are purchasing one of these crates, you can use CODE: TRY for 10% OFF your purchase! Don't forget that a portion of your purchase goes directly to Karl!

Update Sales and more...

We have also added a Permanent Commands Crate to the store that you can purchase. As stated previously, if you win a command you already have access to, you can sell the command to players or give it to your friends!

Sales & Discounts

To celebrate this anticipated update, we have a few things taking place:

  • 10% OFF sale that will last 1 week (Everything in the store)
  • 10% OFF Partner Crate Code (Code: TRY)
  • 10% OFF code you receive 1 hour after every purchase

... and to celebrate this update, we are dropping a ONE USE 10% OFF CODE that can be used on our store! First come first serve, the code is: UPDATE10

Thank you for all the support we have been receiving recently. We could not ask for a better community than you all.

IP: play.desertmc.net
Store: https://store.desertmc.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/desertmc
Website: https://www.desertmc.net/  
Modpack: http://modpack.desertmc.net/