Here is where you will find all the rules for DesertMC. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a punishment. It is important that you are informed and aware of what the network rules are, to prevent any accidental infractions. By playing on the server you agree to our terms.

Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time, however, any major rule changes will likely be put in our Changelogs channel, on Discord. Punishment lengths vary per situation and are staff discretion. If you believe you were falsely punished, please create an appeal in our Discord.

Discord Rules

Rules related to our Discord platform can be found below:

1. Follow all terms of Discord ToS (
2. Treat others with respect. Discrimination, harassment, or toxicity is not permitted.
3. No spamming of messages, images, links, etc. This includes spamming staff members.
4. The release of personal information by any means is not permitted.
5. Advertising of any means is not permitted, unless done in #media and is related to DesertMC.
6. No NSFW/inappropriate content is permitted in messages, profile pictures, usernames, and such.
7. Keep all things in their respective channels, for example keeping trades in the #trades channel.
8. Keep all support related issues in tickets (#create-ticket), or the Community Support channel.

Pixelmon Rules

Rules related to our Pixelmon realm(s) can be found below. You can also find more information by typing /rules In-Game:

Chat Infractions:

➡️ Spamming, meaning spamming messages, characters, etc., are not permitted
➡️ Any form of inappropriate chat communications
➡️ Harassment, discrimination, and severity toxicity are not permitted
➡️ Advertising in the chat is not permitted, however, some cases are excused if the content is related to DesertMC
➡️Releasing personal information, or threatening a user is not permitted. This includes sending suspicious links in chat
➡️ Suicidal encouragement is not allowed and falls under the category of harassment
➡️ Do not impersonate staff members

Gameplay Infractions:

➡️ Any use of an illegal modification that grants an unfair advantage is not permitted. If you need to know whether or not a modification you would like to use is allowed, please create a ticket or contact staff
➡️ Abusing a glitch (known or unknown) is not permitted and will result in a punishment. However, reporting a glitch/bug will result in compensation
➡️ Scamming users in anyway is not permitted, this even includes TP trapping, etc.
➡️ Griefing users claims is not permitted. You are also required to comply with user's wishes if they ask you to leave their claim. If a user is inactive for over 3 months, their claim can be removed.
➡️ Stealing items from a user, also known as insiding, is not permitted. If a base is not claimed, it is not classified as stealing.
➡️ Inappropriate builds are not permitted and will be removed