For the past 7 months, we've been working on DesertMC making sure that we have the absolute best experience to offer out there. Our Early Supporters were able to participate and help us in this process, and we were all able to experience what DesertMC has to offer.

Finally, after all this time, we are very excited to announce our official Pixelmon release. This post will have all the information regarding the release, features, and more. So let's jump right in:

Biomes O' Plenty

What's this you may ask? Biomes O' Plenty adds multiple, brand new, unique biomes to Minecraft, with the addition of new blocks, items, flowers, trees, and more. Here's a sneak peek directly from the mod:


On Pixelmon, there are 8 Gyms you can use as a progressive way to test your battling skills. These gyms are:

Rock, Grass, Fighting, Water, Ghost, Steel, Ice, and Electric

Elite Four

The Elite Four is the ultimate way to truly test and prove your skill. The Elite Four types are:

Bug, Ground, Fire, and Psychic

It is based on Sinnoh, Generation 4


The GTS, short for "Global Trade System", is a safe way for players to buy and sell Pixelmon and items with other players.


WonderTrade gives you the opportunity to gamble one of your Pixelmon to win another random Pixelmon from the pool.


What's this? PixelHunt lets you win rewards by catching specific Pixelmon:

Events & Tournaments

Hosting events and tournaments is a big thing at DesertMC. Frequent staff-hosted events are very important and fun! Player tournaments are a definite yes as well!

Be sure to join our Discord so you're the first to know when a new event is starting!


With our In-Game shop, you can purchase & sell a variety of items, from building blocks, to minerals.

Vote Parties & Vote Shop

By voting for DesertMC, you get a bunch of different cool perks! You can vote on 7 different vote sites daily to receive free In-Game items. You can track your vote statistics using the /vote command, as well as seeing who the top monthly voters are,

Every time someone votes, the closer the server gets to a Vote Party, where everyone online gets free loot!

You can also redeem your votes on the Vote Shop, a special in-game shop where the items can only be purchased with Vote Points.

You can find our vote links here:

Claiming & Grief Prevention

The protection of your claims and builds is important. That's why you can safely sleep at night knowing your claims are protected from any form of griefing that someone may try to perform.

Crates & Pouches

There are many different crates and pouches on DesertMC. Most of these crates can be purchased at our store, but some cannot, like the Vote Crate and the Hunt Crate.

The crates are:
[Tier 1] Alpha Crate
[Tier 2] Delta Crate
[Tier 3] Gamma Crate
[Tier 4] Sigma Crate
[Tier 5] Omega Crate

You can win Money & Rare Candy Pouches from these crates, or purchase them separately on our store

You can ONLY win Mega Stone Crates and Move Crates from other crates, they are not purchasable on the store

... and more!

There is so much more on DesertMC, as well as much more content coming in the future. Be sure to stay around, as we will be having frequent updates that you will not want to miss!

Be sure to keep in touch with us through:
- Discord
- Twitter
- Website

❓ How to Play

If you are not sure how to connect or join DesertMC, we have a handy How to Play Guide that can help you! If you need more help, be sure to join our Discord Server that is linked below so our staff team can help you!

In-Game, if you type the command "/help", there are various specific guides to help you around the server!

💬 Discord Server

Be sure to join our Discord Server so you can stay up-to-date on new updates, announcements, giveaways, and hang out & talk with an awesome community! ⬇️